We believe learning music is a lifelong journey and so we focus on developing the skills to overcome the learning obstacles that will inevitably happen. While practice and persistence are the key to improvement, it is a strong PASSION for music that is the key to a happy and successful musical journey. 

So, how do we cultivate passion? Young students in particular need that sense of achievement, and so we celebrate small achievements in a big way! Older students benefit from ownership over repertoire and so we sit down with them and choose appropriate music to learn together. 

Studio K’s vision is to create a community of students who are passionate about learning, who support one another on their journey and who celebrate progress over achievement. We’d love to see our students reach a high standard of technical and theoretical proficiency which will enable them to collaborate, perform together in bands and perhaps even create music of their own. 

Studio K currently has 5 teachers who teach in the studio on a weekly basis throughout the school terms. We have Jacquie, Felicity and Julian along with Kristen and Martin (Mr & Mrs Serra) who also run the studio and live on the premises with their two young children. 

In addition to being wonderful & encouraging teachers, the Studio K team are all fantastic performers as well and bring a wealth of industry experience to their lessons. Collectively our teachers have performed with some of Australia’s top artists such as Dami Im, Christine Anu, Samantha Jade, Bertie Blackman, Urthboy and international acts Hilary Duff and Olly Murs. 

We’d love to work with you to reach your musical goals, get in touch today as there are limited spots available.