GROUP MUSIC CLASSES FOR 0-5yo, laying the foundations for their future musical education.

0-1yo - TINY TWINKLES - a 30-minute class introducing babies to music while bonding with their caregiver through nursery rhymes, percussion play, and unique musical playtime experiences. A special time of bonding for both the caregiver and baby.

1-2.5yo - LITTLE BOPPERS - a 30-minute class introducing toddlers to music and developing a love for music through group singing, clapping, percussion play, dancing and voice sounds exploration. Parental interaction plays a key role in developing their sense of security within a group environment, and from their safe space creativity can flourish.

2.5-4yo - MINI MUSIC MAKERS - a 45-minute class developing young preschoolers musical awareness and ability to participate. Through musical games, singing, clapping, dancing, and percussion play, these mini music makers will develop new skills, building their confidence and inspiring their creativity. Some activities will require caregiver participation and others the children will be able to do on their own, this is the bridging age to becoming a more independent preschooler.

4-5yo - PRESCHOOL PERFORMERS - a 45-minute class expanding on the basic concepts of music (pitch, duration, dynamics, texture, structure and tone colour) through musical games, vocal exercises, rhythmic percussion, dancing and performance preparation. This class requires no parental involvement, however caregivers must remain in the building for supervision during class time (this is not a drop off/pick up class).

We are offering a special 2021 opening rate of $10 per 30min and $15 per 45min class. This will increase to $15 and $20 respectively from the start of 2022.

If you are interested in joining a class, please get in touch today: studiokenquiry@gmail.com